Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday Oct. 19 Rant

where do i start tonight.....Well here's a short list of things we've found out in the past few days:
1) Jon Lester can beat cancer but he can't beat Tampa Bay in Game 7 of the ALCS. "No cent month" continues.
2) Carl Crawford's leg looks fine now running in from LF but he couldn't go in July when I was in my fantasy baseball playoffs for 10K. Heartless.
3) If you have 10 top 5 picks in a row, you are going to have a good team eventually. Except if your the Browns.
4) I could make 10 notes about the Browns but I'll leave it like this....Anderson= Forever Inconsistent....Dawson= Not Clutch, Running game= terrible and lacking creativity.
5) Fox is showing the World Series. Toledo decides not to have Fox on anymore due to money. Ok thanks because I watched hundreds of games all year to miss the NLCS and World Series.
6) Red Sox: 9 straight elimination game wins vs Worst Team Ever through 10 seasons. Which one wins? I still hate Boston but cent.
7) No more Boston hats around campus right? Thank god....only a week until the Celtics jerseys reappear.
8) Despised Team Plane Crash Theory. IM DaRcEeW1 for further explanation. Let's just say it started with the Tennesse Titans after Week 17 last season.
9) NFL Season through Week 7.....lots of things still to learn but here's something I can tell you....SD, Indy and NE will not win the AFC. That's a good thing right...unless it opens the door for the Steelers

I'm done for now, I could go on forever.....worst mood ever.....oh well. Go Arizona Cardinals....because most importantly, we've learned any team (I'm talking to you Lions, Browns, Bengals, Clippers, Insert bad team name here) can win it all.....or at least come close enough to sell a few more hats.

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