Wednesday, October 1, 2008

MLB Playoff Predictions

The time for new October legends to be born is here....who will win the 2008 World Series? Here's my take on the first round series:

Philadelphia vs Milwaukee
My preseason NL Champion pick, the Phillies, will come through in this series. Milwaukee hasn't been playing that well of late but snuck in when the Mets collapsed. The Brewers will find a way to win a game (most likely Game 2 with C.C. pitching). Otherwise, the Phillies will roll as they have a superior offense in a hitter's park for the first two games.
Prediction: Phillies 3-1

Chicago (NL) vs Los Angeles
An interesting series in that I can see it going a million different ways. Cubs sweep? No, LA is playing too good. I like the Dodgers chances if they can get one of the first two in Wrigley. This is the playoffs, a place the Cubs traditionally don't perform well in. It will continue as the Dodgers shock the world in 5 games to leave Wrigley a silent place. Names to keep an eye on: Andre Ethier, poised to break onto the national stage here.
Prediction: Dodgers 3-2

Anaheim vs Boston
The best of the four first round series. The winner is the odds on favorite to win the A.L. pennant but it will be a grueling series. 5 games is definite as both bullpens will keep solid offenses down late in games. The Angels were my preseason World Series pick and they have the home-field in this series.
Prediction: Angels 3-2

Tampa Bay vs Chicago (AL)
The dream will end at some point here for the Rays. A great season for a good up and coming team. They have the home-field but it will be relegated to nothing as the White Sox postseason experience will loom large. The Sox come in on a bit of a roll and they are a superior team if you look at all positions. Older teams tend to beat younger teams in the playoffs and I see it happening here.
Prediction: White Sox 3-1

Rest of the Playoff Predictions:
Phillies over Dodgers 4-1
Angels over White Sox 4-2

World Series:
Angels over Phillies 4-1 (my preseason prediction stays for now)

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