Monday, July 6, 2009

What are the Cavs going to do now?

Adam Miezin

if the cavs give varajao 10 mil a year over 5 years, thats crazy. give the same money in an offer sheet to david lee (like i been saying) and make the knicks match or else we got an even better player. if they match, then they have less money for next offseason (unless they move jeffries and curry). please don't resign varajao. thanks mr ferry.

Rob Paternite
Cannot happen. We can only sign Andy to that much because he's our own FA... we don't have anything over $5.6 million to offer anyone that wasn't on our team last year UNLESS we work out some kind of sign & trade. I don't see anybody giving Andy $10mill though, not even us. I read something earlier that said we're not going to pay him more than $6 (which would be funny because I think he would have gotten $7 if he stayed in his contract) ... either way ... his Agent, Dan Fegan = The Devil.

Adam Miezin
ya well i didnt think we'd resign him when he held out a few years back but we ended up doing that too. the longer we wait and don't sign someone else, even a shawn marion (another fegan guy), the better chance he makes us pay up big time. thats what im trying to avoid. if we gave lee the MLE the knicks would probably just resign him for it so that... Read More sucks then. the knicks also don't have a first round pick next year (goes to utah, unprotected). that'll make trading one of their bad contracts (jeffries and curry) a bit harder i'd imagine. I'm thinking they have to move lee because they also wanna keep nate robinson and he's going to command some money soon too. the one good problem is no one really has that much money except memphis and atlanta now and their not spending. detroit blew their cap room on gordon and villa which was good. so we'll see i guess unless we can make something happen through a trade. o and now that boston has garnett, sheed and perkins down low, that post defense is going to be even tougher. i'm saying bye to orlando for sure as a contender because there's no way they beat boston next year. vince carter is a corpse out there and certainly a downgrade from turkoglu (have fun in toronto winning 35 games). they also traded courtney lee, who was undervalued. so cavs beef up the front line. i also just thought of a trade that would never happen but would certainly help the cavs for 2009. Z for tyson chandler. contracts work out and Z is a UFA in the summer of 2010 with Shaq. Chandler has a year more left on his deal after the 09-10 season. New Orleans gets the cap relief they need for 2010 (saving big money and not going over the luxury tax line). The cavs then cut bait with shaq after this year and use that money to lure someone else in 2010 (wade or bosh? lol...) Chandler is a good expiring contract for the future too....not to get too far ahead. too bad it won't happen.