Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Top 10 Prediction

Here's my prediction on the final BCS standings before the bowl games. These are the ones which determine who plays for the national title.

1) USC (undefeated)
2) Oklahoma (loss to Texas)
3) Florida (loss to LSU and Florida State)
4) Georgia (loss to Florida and Auburn)
5) Ohio State (losses to USC and Illinois)
6) West Virginia (loss to South Florida)
7) Virginia Tech (loss to Florida State)
8) Missouri (loss to Oklahoma (CC) and Texas)
9) BYU (undefeated)
10) Illinois (losses to Missouri, Michigan and Wisconsin)

BCS Bowl Predictions:
National Title Game: USC over Oklahoma
Rose: Ohio State over Oregon State (not a missprint, read the Pac-10 preview)
Fiesta: Missouri over BYU
Orange: Georgia over Virginia Tech
Sugar: Florida over West Virginia

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