Wednesday, August 27, 2008

CF 2008 Preview: Big Ten

This year will be an interesting one in the Big Ten. Illinois must replace Rashard Mendenhall, the most talented player in the conference last season. Ohio State must fight boredom as they will likely run the table. Everyone else seems to have multiple flaws, leading me to believe that teams like Michigan and Penn State can step up and replace Wisconsin and Illinois as the real contenders to OSU's dominance. Purdue is another team I believe could break out and win 10 games. The bottom of the conference is bad again, as Minnesota and Northwestern will continue to get trampled on week after week.

What I like about the Big Ten this season:
1) Who will be the team to knock off OSU this season? While I believe Ohio State will win the conference, they will get knocked off once inside of conference play. Who will it be? Your guess is as good as mine.

2) Second place team race. Illinois, Purdue, Michigan, Wisconsin, Penn State....maybe Iowa? Anyone could finish 2nd this year in the Big Ten.....another race to follow as it may lead to Pasadena if OSU goes back to another national title game.

What I don't like about the Big Ten this season:
1) The overall talent in the conference seems to have diminished in the past few years. Earlier in the decade, the conference was one of the it's tough to make a case for third best.

2) We all know who's going to win the conference. No other conference has as big a difference in it's first place team and everyone else. OSU will win at least 4 conference games by 20 points....not good for those who like close races.

Prediction Time:
1) Ohio State
2) Illinois
3) Penn State
4) Wisconsin
5) Michigan
6) Purdue
7) Michigan State
8) Iowa
9) Indiana
10) Northwestern
11) Minnesota

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