Wednesday, August 27, 2008

CF Preview 2008: Big 12

An underrated conference in terms of talent normally, now the Big 12 has stepped onto the forefront of college football fan's interest with 3 great teams last season. This year should be no different. Oklahoma and Missouri will be back as national title contenders. Kansas will take a step back while Texas will show some flashes of past success with another good season. The team I'm torn on is Texas Tech. They seem ready for a breakout season but we've yet to ever see their defense play 12 solid games. It doesn't seem likely to happen this year either but their high preseason ranking indicates that some believe in the hype. Colorado and Oklahoma State are the teams on the rise, as both will make bowl games as well as significant strides towards a conference title. Kansas State and Nebraska, two teams that were national powers in the beginning of the decade, will continue their slide towards irrelevance.

Prediction Time:
1) Missouri
2) Kansas
3) Colorado
4) Nebraska
5) Kansas State
6) Iowa State

1) Oklahoma
2) Texas
3) Texas Tech
4) Oklahoma State
5) Texas A&M
6) Baylor

Conference Championship Game: Oklahoma over Missouri

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