Thursday, June 25, 2009

NBA Draft- My Draft Board

These are my top 10 players coming into the draft (this won't be the draft order but it's my rankings of the 10 best players in the draft):

1) Ricky Rubio
2) Blake Griffin
3) Stephen Curry (Lights out shooter at times, could score 25 a game in the right system)
4) Brandon Jennings (Remember the name, he will contribute and have big games & a long career)
5) Jrue Holliday (Much better pick than Tyreke Evans, the other big 1 and done college player)
6) Earl Clark (He will be effective unlike college teammate Terrance Williams)
7) Jeff Teague (Great draft for PG's, just look at my list)
8) Jeff Adrien (Similar player to Jeff Green, a bit smaller but will find his spot in an NBA rotation)
9) Erik Maynor
10) Ty Lawson (sleeper city, similar to DJ Augustin and I was all over him last year)

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