Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Random Sports Thoughts- Dec. 17, 2008

-Shawn Marion for Wally and Andy? You don't say. My thoughts on this potential trade are twofold: trading two key bench guys for potential impact player has it's positives. Marion can be a solid defender and rebounder when he's on. He also can drag a team down at times, as he did with Phoenix. Why do you think they got rid of him for a Shaq's corpse? The Cavs depth would be affected, causing JJ Hickson and Darnell Jackson to step into much more prominent roles. Maybe they're ready for it, maybe they're not. But, when your 20-4, I don't think you take the time to trade two parts away for one. Marion is good but won't put the Cavs over the top like many would think on the surface of this deal.

- Baseball contracts, especially for pitchers, have gone through the roof. AJ Burnett, CC Sabathia, Kerry Wood....unbelievable contracts. But hey, if pitching is at a premium, the Yankees and Indians are willing to spend a bit to close the holes. The Red Sox, Angels and Rays seem to be the favorites in the A.L. but these teams believe they can rebound from missing hte playoffs last year with these aquisitions.

-The Orioles made a few nice moves last week. Trading Ramon Hernandez was a plus. Getting Ryan Freel and Caesar Izturis adds to the team's speed and defense. Picking up a couple of solid corner infielders for the minor league system will help as well. The O's need Mark Teixieria badly but it'll be tough to convince him to pick Baltimore over Boston or Los Angeles.

-With the Celtics and Lakers "chasing history and 70 wins", the Cavs haved slipped a bit under the radar. Not by much but they've still afforded themselves a comfortable cushion in the division. The team comes to play every night, as evidenced by the many blowouts they've provided. They have also played some weaker competition but you can't blame them for playing their schedule. We'll see how they do against Boston and Detroit, two teams they're a combined 0-2 against so far.

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