Friday, February 5, 2010

Super Bowl 44 Preview

Enough has been written about this game that I will give a short summary of what I think will happen. The Colts are the favorites (deservedly so) and the Saints are "destiny's darlings". Both offenses are among the NFL's best. The defenses are quick and underrated. They give up yards, yet always put their teams in position to win. I've been predicting for the past 2 weeks Saints 27, Colts 24. I will stick with this pick. My MVP pick will be Drew Brees (with big games from Marques Colston and Pierre Thomas). One of these teams is going to be down a score late in the game, with the chance to become champion only a score away. That team will be New Orleans. They will march down the field to score the TD that propels them ahead of Indianapolis.

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