Sunday, October 4, 2009

MLB Predictions Review

Here's a quick review of my MLB predictions I made before the 2009 season. For the records, I'll give a +/- review of their wins (-1 means they won 1 less game than I predicted. These can be reviewed in an April blog post):

AL East
Boston (-1)
New York (+9)
Tampa Bay (-4)
Baltimore (-11)
Toronto (+10)

AL Central
Minnesota (Either exact or -1)
Chicago (-4)
Cleveland (-17)
Kansas City (-14)
Detroit (+13 or +14)

AL West
LA Angels (+8)
Texas (EXACT)
Oakland (EXACT)
Seattle (+15)

NL East
Philadelphia (EXACT)
NY Mets (-20)
Florida (+2)
Atlanta (+13)
Washington (+3)

NL Central
St. Louis (+1)
Chicago (-6)
Houston (-9)
Milwaukee (-2)
Cincinnati (+4)
Pittsburgh (-1..could have won a makeup game though and I'd be exact)

NL West
Colorado (+4)
Los Angeles (+10)
Arizona (-11)
San Francisco (+14)
San Diego (+8)

I predicted 3 of the 4 NL playoff teams (switching out the Mets for the Dodgers. In the AL, I will have nailed all 4 teams if the Twins beat the Tigers in the Playoff Game. The awards won't be out for awhile so I won't comment on those yet. We can now look at the Stat Leaders I predicted.

Stat Leaders Predictions:
AL HR's: Mark Teixiera, NY Yankees (Tied for 1st with Carlos Pena with 39)
NL HR's: Prince Fielder, Milwaukee (Finished with 46 in 2nd place, 1 behind Pujols)
AL Batting Title: Ichiro, Seattle (Finished 2nd behind Mauer)
NL Batting Title: Albert Pujols, St. Louis (Finished 3rd behind H. Ramirez and P. Sandoval)
AL RBI's: Justin Morneau, Minnesota (Finished tied for 12th...was hurt the last month though)
NL RBI's: Albert Pujols, St. Louis (Finished 3rd behind Fielder and Howard)
AL SB's: Jacoby Ellsbury, Boston (Finished 1st)
NL SB's: Jose Reyes, NY Mets (Got hurt early and never was close)

AL Wins: Jon Lester, Boston (Finished tied for 10th)
NL Wins: Johan Santana, NY Mets (Finished tied for 17th...missed 2 months though)
AL ERA: Jon Lester, Boston (Finished 5th)
NL ERA: Tim Lincecum, San Francisco (Finished 2nd)
AL Saves: Joe Nathan, Minnesota (Finished 2nd)
NL Saves: Jason Motte, St. Louis (Not even close, wasn't closer for more than 2 weeks)
AL Strikeouts: CC Sabathia, NY Yankees (Finished 7th)
NL Strikeouts: Tim Lincecum, San Francisco (Finished 1st)

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