Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2009 College Football Bowl and Poll Predictions

Final Top 10 Predictions (Last poll before bowl games)
1) Florida (13-0)
2) Oklahoma State (12-1)
3) USC (11-1)
4) Ohio State (11-1)
5) Oklahoma (11-1)
6) TCU (12-0)
7) Georgia Tech (12-1)
8) Notre Dame (11-1)
9) Penn State (11-1)
10) Tennessee (11-1)

Other Notable Teams: West Virginia (10-2), Oregon State (10-2), Oregon (10-2), Wisconsin (11-1), Boise State (12-1)

BCS Bowl Predictions
BCS National Title Game: Florida 41, Oklahoma State 28
Rose Bowl: USC 28, Ohio State 21
Sugar Bowl: Tennessee 23, West Virginia 16
Fiesta Bowl: TCU 23, Notre Dame 17
Orange Bowl: Oklahoma 40, Georgia Tech 14

Explanation of BCS Bowl Predictions
Florida and Oklahoma State finish #1 and #2, clinching National Title Game berths. USC and Ohio State win their respective conferences, clinching Rose Bowl berths. I have USC winning the rematch of an earlier season game in which I have them giving Ohio State their only defeat of the season. TCU receives an Automatic bid due to finishing in the top 6 in the final BCS standings. Notre Dame receives an Automatic bid due to finishing with 9 wins and/or finishing in the top 8 of the final BCS standings (either would put them in a BCS game). West Virginia and Georgia Tech win the Big East & ACC, respectively. Tennessee and Oklahoma receive the other two bids as the Sugar will have the first pick of automatics after losing Florida to the title game, choosing Tennessee over Notre Dame. The Fiesta will then choose Notre Dame with the 2nd pick after losing Oklahoma State to the National Title Game. After that, the Orange will have the next 2 and will take their teams, leaving West Virginia as the final pick for the Sugar.

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