Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Today's Views on the Sports World

-Baron Davis's signing with the Clippers gives them a reasonable chance to believe they can win as soon as next year. Assuming they can resign Elton Brand, this team has potential next season. They will lose Corey Maggette and his 22 pts a game but that's easily replaceable by Davis. Drafting Eric Gordon gives the team offensive punch. Chris Kaman (if healthy) can get back to being a 16 and 10 guy down low with Brand. I'm not saying the Clips are going to take the division or win 45 games but they will be better because of this signing.

-JJ Hickson and Darnell Jackson. The two newest Cleveland Cavaliers. Two bigs to replace (eventually) Z and Wallace. Problem is neither is a true center, leaving the team in a vulnerable position if injuries hit. It seems that they have many PF's but really only one C. Neither pick makes me jump out of my seat but I think the Cavs have to make some kind of trade (expiring contracts for talent) at some point here. They're going to sign a few players to fill the roster as well so that should be interesting to see where they go with that.

-The Indians blew another game against the White Sox. Funny how Borowski had one quality year (lots of saves, really didnt pitch that great) and the Indians expected the same out of him this year. The same goes for Perez and Betancourt. These guys had career years last year, leaving them with unreasonable expectations to meet this year. It'll be interesting to see what this team does before July 31...with saying goodbye to C.C. being the major plot.

-Tampa Bay beat Boston again. As much of a "Ray" hater as I have been, it's fun to see this team scaring the daylights out of Boston. Earlier in the year, Boston swept TB and everyone said that TB will likely fall back, never to get back into the race. Well their in first and they are showing no signs of slowing down. Carlos Pena is coming back, giving them their best power hitter back. Just great. I can hear the groans from NY and BOS from here. Don't count the Yanks out of this division....I see TB slowing down at some point while Boston hasn't looked all that flattering on the road....just enough to let everyone stay close.

Today's Burning Questions

-Can the Baltimore Orioles and Pittsburgh Pirates end their 10+ year streaks of having losing seasons? (One will)

-Can Milwaukee make the playoffs for the first time since 1982? (They will)

-Is there any reason that Colorado and Atlanta to keep Holliday and Teixeira? (No, neither is making the playoffs and neither is going to resign their slugger)

-Is it just me or are there more big stars hurt now than usual? I mean counting guys like Pujols and Chipper Jones who are playing hurt.

-Can the A's really give the Angels a race out west? They are playing this week and the A's were only 3.5 out as of this morning. Texas sits 6 back as they continue to hit well. (I say no, the A's will be relegated to 80+ win status soon enough, leaving them in the second pack of the wild card race)

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